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Professional Application Developer with over 14 years of object-oriented analysis, design and programming with expertise in data modeling, and database design. Excels at implementing operational assessments and conducting functional requirements analysis for businesses of all types.


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Programming Languages:

Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, SQL, C/C++/C#, PASCAL, LISP, SNOBOL, Assembler, Micro-Code, Machine Language

Database Formats:

FoxPro, MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, DB2

EDI Data Formats:

XML, HL7, ANSI ASC X12N 837, ANSI ASC X12N 835, ANSI ASC X12N 277

Operating Systems:

Windows 3.x - 10, UNIX, VMS, VM, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, System 7, OS/2 WARP


PC, VAX 6410, PDP-11, DEC 3B2 Workstation, Apple Macintosh, Sun SPARC Workstation


Access, Word, Excel , Power Point, Outlook, Publisher, Word Perfect, Lotus Smart Suites, QMF, Geoworks, Aldus Page Maker

Analysis and Design:

.NET Framework, OOA/OOD/OOP, Real-Time Database Management Systems, Report Layout and design, System administration, Analysis and problem solving, Hardware and software upgrade planning, Operational and needs assessment, Optimizing and performance tuning, Managing tight deadlines

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Programming with Mosh is an excellent source of learning .NET development using C# and much more!

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